International Shipping Update

Hey International ladies! 

I just wanna say that I love you all and the struggle that you have to get quality cool supplies is real. I have spent the last couple of weeks researching all of my options, making budget calculations, and working towards a solution. I am absolutely 100% committed to the fact that my international scrappy friends should have access to some amazing products delivered each month. So....instead of talking over all of the barriers (there are many!), we are taking charge. This is super top secret for The Secret Not Secret Kit Club members...SO....Shhhhhhhhhh

At this time, we are going to go with this plan. I am SO excited to announce that we are going to do $12.00 flat shipping for international kit friends. This is going to be the price for a typical monthly subscription box. If you order a super jumbo kit or a smaller embellishment only kit, we will totally have to reevaluate. BUT...if you want to be in and we are talking about a standard-ish sized monthly kit, $12.00 flat rate shipping. I am ALWAYS up for other creative shipping options...please don't let shipping hold you back. As shipping rates change, these rates may need to change BUT I will always keep you informed and involved. This is a HUGE priority for me (and for Sara moving forward with RYS as well). Much love to my international friends!!!'s a secret!!