SNSKC iNSD Countdown Party Details

I am absolutely sure by now that you know that Saturday, May 4th is interNATIONAL Scrapbooking Day! A whole day dedicated to this super fun creative hobby that we are all love. What could be better?!?! It is a day full of sales, challenges, giveaways, and fun! Here at The Secret Not Secret Kit Club, we decided to host a fun month-long Countdown Party over on our Facebook page in April. We wanna celebrate this hobby all month leading up to the big iNSD when we will have a huge store sale and lots of special events going on.

What does this mean for you?!?!? Well….you get to have some fun with us throughout the whole month of April. You are going to want to make sure that you are following our public Facebook page and have your notifications turned on. Click here to make that happen!

Every day in April, we will be going live and scrapbooking a layout…BUT not just any layout! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Here’s how you get to play along…..take a minute and think about a photo that you are having a hard time scrapbooking. Maybe its one that you don’t think is very high quality OR its one with lots of busy background clutter. Make its one that is just TOO perfect and you are scared you won’t do it justice. OR maybe it’s just a fun photo that you want to see our take on it. You are going to take that photo and send it in and then each day, we are going to create a layout with one! The best part…..after the live video and layout creation….you are going to get that physical layout sent to you in the mail! What a fun addition to your album and memories, right?!?!?

As with any good party, we are gonna include some surprises, giveaways, prizes, and loads of fun! I hope that you will come join us for the march of April and party like none other. Let’s make some gorgeous pages together!

Click here to follow our page and join the fun!